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AVIS EDUCAVE – is a Authorized Chinese Agent, wings of Avis Technologies Limited.

Avis Educave, a international consultant organization for students seeking higher education with scholarship in China. Avis Educave has made it easy for students who wish to pursue higher studies in China or want to go to world-class universities in China to offer all kinds of counseling, to provide necessary information and to create papers, their higher education level.

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Avis Educave provides professional consultancy service to students and help them finding suitable Universities with appropriate courses in China. We will provide you better ideas for your higher education. Our Consultancy team provides genuine advice to students who are associated with us & planning to go to china for higher education. Our counseling techniques are aimed at providing practical solutions to you.

Avis Educave represents 15 reputed universities of Nanjing, China. These universities are famous for their quality education and the intakes of international students.

Our collaboration with these universities and institutes ensures that our students receive a wide range of courses and options. We assist students in selecting the right universities by matching their ability, interest and budget with the rank & the course selection of the institutes.

After the selection of right university , we help students selecting the right course which serves them in the long run. The course should be of students interest, your FGCE (Foreign Going Competitive Exams) score should meet its eligibility criterion and your financial capabilities should match with the fee structure. Few courses that are popular among students and hold vast employment opportunities globally are: Diploma, Business Administration, Management, Engineering, Electrical & Automation, Medical Science, Environmental Science, Public Administration

A good application is the opportunity to make a good first impression on the institute of your choice. We help students to prepare their all admission/registration documentation properly and in a systematic way. We will give you a list of documents that you must gather to submit your application.

We will help you to fill up your application properly. We will help you if you get stuck anywhere of application. The application must be carefully filled up with all the necessary documents. Our consultants guide students completely with the do’s and do not’s of application and documentation. Remember that the visa is granted or refused on the basis of this application. This makes it pertinent that the application be filled with utmost care and in a professional manner.

We provide visa related documentation service. We assist students to prepare all required documents for enrollment and student visa. Once a student receives their admission documents from the institute, they need to prepare their visa application. Our expertise will prepare the perfect visa application for you. Backed by the latest information on visa processing ensures that your application follows to the latest rules and requirements. This expertise has ensured a low refusal rate for our clients.

Avis Educave understands the unease of the students regarding their stay in a different country and to prepare them for it we arrange a Pre-Departure session where we give students some tips regarding their stay in China which will help them to cope with the new county.
Avis Educave will provide other logistics support e.g. notary, medical, police verification and all other logistic support in Bangladesh. Beside after reaching in China, our agent will provide airport pick & drop, university's formalities also.

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