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Frequently Ask Questions

Some Questions From Candidates

1About Avis Educave
Avis Educave is a authorized Chinese Agency Run by 3 Bangladeshi & 7 Chinese People. They are processing Scholarship Program in China for 38 countries. All people working with Avis Educave are from China or Studied in China or Studying in China. So you will get solid information regarding all programs like Diploma, Bachelor, Masters & PHD scholarship.
2Are you working for any other country beside China ?
No. Even we don't make partnership or we don't provide franchise.
3Do students need IELTS/GRE/GMAT etc ?
No. If we process, then you don't need to carry IELTS/GRE/GMAT etc.
4Will anyone get part time work permit?
No. Part time job is illegal for scholarship holders. But those who know Chinese language, can do it. But for that you need to know Chinese Language.
5Can any one get PR ?
Only PHD students get temporary PR. But you can stay in China as long as you can if you have job or business.
6How to get spouse visa ?
For that you need to enroll in your university at first. After that you need to apply for spouse visa in International School Council. Then they will issue a letter. With that letter, your spouse need to stand for visa.
7Can you process to All University in China ?
Yes we can process to all university in China. But we only process in top rank university. Beside it is important to check your eligibility rather processing. For example, if you have cgpa 3.5 in Bachelor out of 4 & asking Masters scholarship in Tsinghua university, then you are a bullshit candidate. Tsinghua university university requirement is minimum 3.75 cgpa out of 4, IELTS 7, HSK 4. If you don't have this, you shouldn't think about Tsinghua university right ?
8Can you help students to find best top rank university ?
Yes, we do that. We find best university according to student's eligibility.
9What type of scholarship you can arrange for Bachelor Program ?
Those who have minimum 8 point & must have GPA 4 in HSC, we can arrange best top rank university for the candidate. In top rank university, you will get full tuition free. But you need to provide few amount for Hostel every year. In low rank university, you'll get tuition free & hostel free. But that scholarship will be conditional.
10What is Conditional & Unconditional Scholarship ?
In Bachelor, Some university provide Conditional & some University provides unconditional scholarship. For conditional scholarship, it will be mentioned that you need to get 75% marks in each semester. Otherwise your scholarship will be terminated. And for unconditional scholarship, you just need to carry the pass mark in all major courses.
11What about Masters program scholarship ?
Two types of Scholarships are available in Masters program.
Type 1 : Tuition free + Hostel Free + 1000 RMB Stipend Per Month (For March Intake only)
Type 2 : CSC (China Scholarship Council) Type B Scholarship : You have to apply with in November 15, every year for next year September intake. Like for September 2019 intake, November 15, 2018 was the deadline. Result will be published in June 2019. Class will start from September 2019. Here You will get Tuition free + Hostel Free + 3000 RMB Stipend Per Month.
(If your bachelor result is less than 3.5 out of 4 then we are discouraging you to apply type 2 csc scholarship)
12What about Diploma ?
In Diploma, Minimum cgpa required in SSC is 3. Here students will get full Tuition free, Hostel free for 3 years. It's unconditional scholarship.
13What about PHD Program ?
In PHD program you will get the following scholarship :
✅Tuition Full Free,
✅Stipend: 4200RMB (650$)/Month
☑️ If you take Hostel Facility from University then you’ll get 3500RMB (550$) per month.
14Can I get the name of University earlier for Masters/PHD program ?
No. Because it can not be sure that which university Professor will give you recommendation letter. According to your eligibility, you will get recommendation & University.
15Will my scholarship be terminated ?
Yes if you break the rules. Like if you fail in any course without any valid reason, if you don't attend class regularly, if your professor become angry at you then your scholarship can be terminated.
16If someone is not eligible for scholarship, then what he will do ?
He needs to study by his own cost. But if he scores excellent in 1st year, then in 2nd year he can apply for scholarship.
17What is the minimum requirement of elgibility for University Scholarship ?
SSC - 4.0, HSC - 4.0, Bachelor - 3.0, Masters - 3.0 CGPA
18What is the minimum requirement of elgibility for CSC Scholarship ?
SSC - 5.0, HSC - 5.0, Bachelor - 3.75, Masters - 3.75 CGPA, IELTS 7, HSK 4.
19What about MBBS program ?
We only process BMDC approved China Govt Medical University. In MBBS, there is no scholarship. You need to carry your own cost. But cost is much lower than BD private medicals.
To get chance in these medical, minimum 3.5 is needed in HSC.
If you have low cgpa, don't be panic. Just try to take admission as early as possible. Because it is important that China Medical University will accept your cgpa or not. There is no relation between low cgpa & BMDC approval.
20What about Chinese Language Course ? Any benefit ?
Obviously !! If you know Chinese Language, you can do part time job. Also it will help you to get full time job.
We can provide support for Chinese Language course.
21What will be the total cost ?
For Diploma, 2.6 lac to 3 lac
For Bachelor : 3 lac to 3.6 lac
For Masters : 3.3 lac to 3.6 lac
For PHD : 3.5 lac to 4 lac
CSC for PHD : 1.5 lac

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